Below is a (non-comprehensive) list of projects that I've worked on for fun or for class. My criteria for picking a project to feature is largely random, but is in part determined by how much I enjoyed working on it, how interesting I think it was, and if it's complete enough that I feel comfortable talking about it. When possible, I included a link to the source code. If you want to see some more projects I've worked on, check out my Bitbucket profile.

Jekyll Remote Assets

Languages/Frameworks: Ruby | source

Jekyll Remote Assets is an extension for Jekyll that allows you to host assets on Dropbox and automatically link to them on site generation. This can help save on hosting costs if you have a host that charges based on storage such as NearlyFreeSpeech.NET like I do.

Still in development, I started working on this project to learn about Jekyll plugins, OAuth, and get more practice working in Ruby. It’s a little fragile now, but I hope to make it robust enough that it could be used by any Jekyll site.


Languages/Frameworks: C++, Unreal Engine, Javascript, Node.js

Koblt is a platform to enable developers to create asymmetric virtual reality experiences. It acts as a bridge between a web-based application and 3D software developed in the Unreal Engine, allowing the VR space to be dynamically changed and modified on the fly. Some possible use cases we were particularly interested in include immersive training simulations and guided learning experiences.

I designed a lot of the architecture for the platform, and ended up implementing most of the Unreal Engine and server code.

Koblt was developed with advising from a representative from Oculus as part of Stanford’s CS210 course. If you’re interested in talking about the details of the implementation, please get in touch!